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At Lotus Asia Tours, we have always believed that it is our responsibility, both as a company and individuals, to take the necessary steps to avoid or minimise any negative impact produced by our operations. Equally important is, in our unique role as travel agent, the long lasting positive contributions we may provide to our communities and environment.


We are, since long, implementing comprehensive sustainability measures with far-reaching targets and goals. We are not only working internally to reduce our footprint, but also inviting our suppliers, partners, community and clients towards more sustainability.​

Climate Contribution Tours

Our whole product for free and independent travellers, groups and MICE are based on a Climate Contribution programme. This means that part of the greenhouse gas emissions that will be generated are offset by projects in collaboration with Climate Partner, one of the leading climate protection solution providers for companies. 

The arising emissions are being compensated by supporting a third-party certified geothermal energy project in Darajat, Java (Indonesia). The project helps to meet the growing demand for electricity in Indonesia. By increasing the share of renewable energy, the dependence on fossil fuel-based electricity decreases, and about 705,390 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved per year.

Reducing our footprint

We set an annual goal to reduce our waste, water, energy and paper consumption and regularly monitor them by recording the data.

Plastic Pollution

We are taking part in combatting plastic pollution by actively reducing single use plastic within our operation and encouraging our suppliers to do the same. We no longer provide complimentary plastic bottles for our customers and can provide alternative solutions by requesting our team.​


We collaborate with our suppliers and raise awareness for the topic of sustainability management.​


Staff are trained regularly on sustainability issues through in-office training and internal sustainability memo on various relevant sustainability issues and tips on what actions they can do at work and at home.

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