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Malaysia is one of the economic engines of South East Asia, prospering at a fast pace and rapidly gaining an international reputation as one of the desirable destinations of the region.

A vast array of impressive infrastructures, a well-educated and largely English speaking population make the country an easy destination to visit.

Home to one of the oldest rain forests in the world, tall mountains and long rivers it contains an impressive range of biodiversity, and some of the most tradition bound tribal populations. Malaysia is a beacon for nature lovers.

Immersed in warm tropical sun are its historical cities, cool hill resorts and tropical islands. The sprawling and modern capital city of Kuala Lumpur offers all kinds of entertainment, high-end accommodation and high-tech convention centres for the most demanding MICE organisers, rivaling Singapore with competitive low prices.

An eclectic cultural mix of Chinese, Indians, Malays and various minorities from the region render a visit to Malaysia a truly Asian experience.

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