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Cambodia warms the heart. Its people are unfailingly charming and undeniably creative. Throughout history we have seen some of the most extravagant architectural achievements come to life in Cambodia, and today a thriving arts scene lives on. Cambodia, and travel, are synonymous with Angkor Wat. A few days spent exploring this expansive and unfathomable site is often the highpoint of a journey through Southeast Asia.

The UNESCO archaeological site of Angkor sits close to Siem Reap, a beautiful town nestled by Tonle Sap Lake, home to a number of floating villages. Most travellers will fly into the capital Phnom Penh, a city on the move where rooftop bars, bustling markets and gleaming temples sit side-by-side. From here the picturesque beaches are just a few hours’ drive away. Here days are spent basking under swaying palms with a selection of five-star resorts perched on outlying islands a speedboat ride away.

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