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Climate change is one of the most urgent problems facing our world today, one that is already affecting the travel industry and will increasingly do so. At the same time, the travel industry is also contributing to climate change. At Lotus Asia Tours, we are taking part in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions that drive climate change. 

All the services in our catalogue and tariff are automatically carbon neutral. This means that all greenhouse gas emissions that will be generated by these tours are instantly offset at the time of booking. We are also offering climate neutral group tours and incentive trips.

In order to credibly offset the carbon emissions, we are collaborating with ClimatePartner, one of the leading climate protection solution providers for companies. Upon booking, clients will receive a ClimatePartner label, certificate and tracking ID proving the climate neutrality of the booked tour. For group tour/incentive trips, the exact volume of CO2 emissions neutralized will also be displayed. 

The arising emissions are being compensated by supporting a third-party certified forest protection project in Rimba Raya, Borneo. The project protects over 64,000 hectares of tropical peat forest from deforestation by offering people in the region alternative sources of income to illegal deforestation. Tropical peat forests are among the world’s most efficient carbon sinks, and this type of forest is uniquely one of two remaining habitats for wild orangutans.