There are many ways, possibly infinite, to see and experience a part of the world we know little about. In our constant search to develop new angles and perspective we, at Lotus have come to just one firm conclusion: the traditional ways of touring a country are surely well tested and in order but inevitably land the visitor on places— and provide them with experiences— the original genuine flavour of which has long been lost to the needs and tastes of modern consumerism.

We took a deep breath, a step back from the neck breaking race to improve the same old and started to look differently at this immense cornucopia of Asian civilizations which South East Asia is. Religions, arts, nature, foods, tribesmen life, modernity, architecture are all so magnificently represented in South East Asia and we realized that all we needed to do was to expand the horizon of possibilities presented before us.

To do so we felt that the immediate, sensible and reasonable thing to do was to look at how we, who have been living and working in these region for decades, live and enjoy day after day our own lives: we are a team of observers, painters, photographers, entertainers, climbers, musicians, designers, trekkers, environmentalists, young and not so young, Europeans and Asians and all of us travel professionals.

Seeing through our own lenses we have developed a few lines of products and have regrouped them herewith: we would like to take the visitors on a journey through Lotus destinations in Southeast Asia as if they were our friends visiting us during their holiday time. And, show them a few remote places, and some exquisite resorts where we like to retreat for our own leisure time. We have added a little twist to our itineraries inserting moments of local legends and myths storytelling, narrated by professional storytellers.

Our current lines are Arts, Architecture, Yoga & Meditation, The Great Islands of South East Asia, Small Resorts, Peaks in the Mist (trekking and hiking trails), and Slow Tourism. 

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